streetcar track

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the track on which trams or streetcars run

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That realization shaped Ronal Lewis's life as he spent his working years as a streetcar track repairman.
Yet from an economic viewpoint, extension of streetcar tracks into Mile End, like other suburban municipalities, was precarious.
From September 5 to September 29, the intersection of Coxwell Avenue and Queen Street East will be fully closed for TTC streetcar track replacement work.
The intersections of Lake Shore Boulevard at Brookers Lane, Royal York Road and Park Lawn Road will be closed at different times when the streetcar tracks are being reconstructed at those locations.
From July 17 to September 16, Dundas from Yonge to Church will be reduced to one lane (westbound traffic only) to allow for streetcar track work and partial road reconstruction.
Upon awarding the contract, construction activities will include the replacement of TTC streetcar tracks, and partial replacement of sidewalks and road surfaces.
Pedestrians should be careful to stay clear of the Streetcar tracks until service has been suspended at 12:30 p.
NCL tore up streetcar tracks and converted the lines to bus operations.
It is important to say that there was a myriad of streetcar tracks right there and we had to go around a sharp curve at the same time.
It's just another normal day--until Jim catches his ankle on the streetcar tracks, falls in front of a blue Pontiac, and suddenly finds himself hanging with Tadeusz, the legendary neighborhood boss, shot dead at the age of twenty two.
Jesuit-run Loyola University, in the heart of Uptown, faces the oak-shrouded streetcar tracks of St.
They lie around with their tongues stuck to the streetcar tracks.
Incidentally, the museum has been approved for a $440,000 federal TEA-21 (Transportation Efficiency Act for the 21st Century) grant to reconstruct and extend the historic streetcar tracks that date back as far as the late 19th century.
By the late 1920s, Fogelson writes, the country had only about 350 miles of rapid transit lines (of which a little more than a third ran underground, mostly in New York City and Boston), compared to 41,000 miles of traditional streetcar tracks.
I glanced behind and saw Mama had fallen right on the slick streetcar tracks.