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having the shrewd resourcefulness needed to survive in an urban environment

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This is a fast-paced adventure/romance that brings together three young members of an Irish family, a smart but insecure female archeologist, a street-smart dancer and various nefarious and honest art dealers in pursuit of the statues.
Mario Alonzo as Mercutio was a standout, dancing Romeo's sidekick as if he were a street-smart, hot-tempered guy from the 'hood.
Hit the ground running with the street-smart training you'll find in this practical book.
But that's absent, and Berry's attempt at being a street-smart home girl (when Jinx kills a villain, she unconvincingly grits her teeth and calls her a bad name) is just plain silly.
October" himself, Reggie Jackson, and Buick makes its first custom partnership appearance in the 43-year history of SEMA with Rick Bottom's street-smart interpretation of the Lucerne full-size sedan, the CXX Luxury Liner.
Although the science and the bureaucracy can be daunting, the county's street-smart environmental justice leaders have learned to throw around acronyms with all the fluency of a government bureaucrat, because in the end, environmental justice isn't rocket science.
But ``Cop'' still retains a freshness to it, with its street-smart detective (Murphy as Axel Foley) set down in the hoity-toity world of Beverly Hills as he searches for his friend's killer.
s street-smart swagger, the Nissan Pathfinder customized by Marc Ecko takes a vehicle that loves to get a little dirty and gives it an "old school" twist.
OTCBB:LFBG) has appointed video game industry veteran and street-smart analyst, David J.
Strangelove,'' ``The PJs'' entertains with street-smart attitude.
It is our charter to create street-smart body armor, not to simply create a product that merely meets the current standards.
This month, his second book continues the adventures of the street-smart East L.
Business Secrets from the Ultimate Street-Smart Entrepreneur (AMACOM Books), has selected the winning street-smart entrepreneur of the Live Your Dream contest.
The street-smart Sister Robert Anne is Jennifer Rennels, and the young novice is played by Beth Sweezer.