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a worker employed to clean streets (especially one employed by a municipal sanitation department)

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Director of Public Works James Shuris and Highway Superintendent Jamie Luchini told selectmen recently that the existing street sweeper, from 1998, "had more sand coming out from it due to rot than was staying inside,'' according to meeting minutes.
Rather than spreading street sweepers across the entire city every day, teams will focus on "cleaning streets that need it the most".
Closer to a whodunit than a philosophical exploration, The Street Sweeper uses the hidden connection between Adam and Lamont, a familiar-enough device, as a red herring to cloak its other secrets.
a manufacturer of compact street sweepers located in the Netherlands, to Fayat Group, a leader in Europe in the Roadbuilding equipment sector as well as in the Building and Public Works industry, headquartered in France.
I'm the local street sweeper so I know how serious the problem is.
Through all the perils of the journey he is accompanied by Nisha, a young street sweeper who also develops a comfortable friendship with the old man.
In an interview with The New York Times, Rios added, "We fully intend to use this as a litmus test for offices from president to street sweeper.
NYSE:TNC) has introduced a new street sweeper, the Sentinel[TM], with the advantages of Tennant's acclaimed Centurion[TM] street sweeper, but in a smaller size and price range.
Sides were drawn late last year, pointing out the positive and negative aspects of Street Sweeper (November 2000, $16.
Trinder, who was working as a prison cleaner, escaped from Leyhill Open Prison, near Bristol, on a street sweeper in July.
Contract award: procurement of a street sweeper with interchangeable body (winter maintenance equipment).
WEST BOYLSTON - After falling behind on the annual street sweeping due to rain and a breakdown of the town's old street sweeper, the Department of Public Work crews will be working double time over the next few weeks to finish the job, Public Works Director Anthony Sylvia wrote on the town's website.
Unfortunately, this has a lower status than that of street sweeper, so they feel unvalued.
OLYMPIA, WA, June 15 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- This Thursday, a participant in the upcoming Breast Cancer 3-Day walk in Seattle, Washington will sell a pink street sweeper at an unreserved auction in Olympia and put half the proceeds towards her team's fundraising efforts.
Ginger's body was later pulled from the street sweeper.