street smarts

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a shrewd ability to survive in a dangerous urban environment

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During the year, the Street Smarts service dealt with 190 people and about 50% sourced accommodation through the charity, and are no longer homeless.
However, a franchisee can pick up Street Smart Franchising and discover high stress and loss of sleep is normal and temporary in the start up stage of the life cycle of their business as well as find successful strategies for managing stress during this critical stage and how to successfully navigate towards the next stage.
The two, again, used their street smarts to help truckers get much needed supplies to stranded evacuees.
On the subject of street smarts how can you find out who bid?
The absence thereof was outrageous in both cases, and many people with plain street smarts were aware of the likely misbehaviors beforehand.
His unique combination of street smarts and technical knowledge is evident throughout a corporate environment that may be best characterized as intensely focused within an informal setting.
Dance Theatre of Harlem can then unwaveringly demonstrate its combination of energetic street smarts and New York City elegance that will guarantee its well-deserved place as an ambassador of artistic goodwill for another thirty years.
The Street Smarts series is designed to help current or aspiring IT professionals put their certification to work for them.
From the origins of a potentially money-making idea to understanding the l esson of a 'ten year cycle' and the difference between street smarts versus school smarts, BEFORE YOU QUIT YOUR JOB tells how to become independent--the smart way.
Drawing on his sharpened paramilitary instincts, his artistic view of the world and his calculating street smarts, he is one of the county's finest CIA agents.
By signing up for a Street Smarts Rewards card and using it between now and Oct.
Los Angeles' own Dilated Peoples avoids the usual rap cliches on this sophomore release that possesses street smarts and a welcome old-school vibe.