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a sign visible from the street

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A spokesman for Bootle Action Group (BAG) said: "The Akenside Street sign went missing last summer and was reported by a resident on the BAG site.
The housing association has been trying to get a street sign sorted to no avail," Gabriel said.
Stravinsky, running inside the rail, surged past Foolish Princess, Street Sign, Kid Solis and second pick Magic Wallet and slowly but steadily left his rivals behind.
Last Sunday, a crowd gathered around a street sign that reads "Yohan Cohen Square (1994-2015) Victim of anti-Semitic attack at the Porte de Vincennes.
Injured England star Steven Finn has managed to walk into a street sign while sending a text message.
Barbara, right, with, from left, Chris Smith, director of business development for Thir-|teen, the parent company of Erimus Housing, Mayor David Budd and Sharon Thomas of Middlesbrough Council, above, and the street sign standing proudly in her back garden, above left
Belfast City Council has agreed to donate the street sign to Van Morrison - a Freeman of the City.
This was the first time we took a call about a misspelled street sign in another city.
Can they put street signs back on the roads around Stoke, Wyken, Coundon, etc.
Another neighbour added: "It was only a matter of time before the street sign was nicked.
A GRAMMAR expert has warned "if they take our apostrophes, commas will be next" after reports of councils culling punctuation from street signs.
Berger, president of the organization responsible for designing the special street sign.
EMBARRASSED council officials have admitted they blundered when replacing a damaged street sign - by putting up a new one giving the road the wrong name.
a bike, fetching his owner's mobile phone, and uk 'surfing' on a street sign.
New York, May 20(ANI): Auction house, Christie's, is reportedly planning to sell a century-old Wall Street street sign on June 22.