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someone who sleeps in any convenient place


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As simple as it is rich, the part is that of a street person withdrawing from life -- curling up to sleep, then expiring.
The final story too has a protagonist, Donnarumma, once a factory worker, now a street person.
For readers who are not interested in political theory: The difference between libertarians and leftists is that libertarians would probably throw a twitching mystery street person out of a meeting almost as soon as he entered, while the leftists seat him next to the featured speaker.
Although we know who the killer is almost from the beginning, that takes nothing away from the anticipation and dread as he systematically sets out to cleanse his little piece of Florida of every street person he can.
Christian justice and peace looks like something: It is giving food to the hungry (yes, that hungry man you meet downtown) and sheltering the homeless (yes, that street person you see at your rectory door), and visiting the sick (yes, that disabled child on your block), and counseling the doubtful (yes, that student struggling with faith), and bearing patiently the troublesome (yes, that annoying person you would love to be rid of).
Hollywood celebrities lead sleep-ins on heating grates, bag-lady-chic is the latest in clothing, and Lily Tomlin has added an impersonation of a street person to her comedy routine.
This play has been a blessing to my life,'' says Glen King, a North Hollywood auto mechanic, Vietnam veteran and former street person.
The second was Rick Deel, the street person who fished the missing leg out of a dumpster Sunday near the San Jose Inn on The Alameda (a main thoroughfare) and gave it to Perry.
Government, through the National Housing Trust (NHT), has allocated $280 million this financial year to assist special groups, including the indigent and street persons.