street clothes

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ordinary clothing suitable for public appearances (as opposed to costumes or sports apparel or work clothes etc

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We bathe and dress them in street clothes daily, making sure the men are shaved and have neat haircuts.
This consultation is to acquire clothing endowments: street clothes and representation for men.
The work's six men and five women were in street clothes.
As Napoli was getting dressed into his street clothes, Brendan Donnelly was ribbing his teammate.
There will be designer and high street clothes, which will be on sale at reasonable prices and we hope to raise pounds 3,000 at this sale.
In the sublime series "Rugby," 2003, the players are captured in action but wearing street clothes.
TK Maxx is known for selling designer and High Street clothes and home items at up to 60 per cent off normal prices.
Inside, the actors in street clothes hang out on a stage stripped to the back walls.
With Shaquille O'Neal out because of foul trouble, Slava Medvedenko out with an Achilles' tendon injury and Horace Grant and Jamal Sampson watching from the bench in street clothes, Malone found himself as the last Lakers big man standing in a game in which the opponent featured a superstar, Yao Ming, who stood 9 inches taller than he did.
By the surprise ending, which has the entire company in street clothes on a brightly lit stage, El Amor Brujo has been left far behind, lost somewhere in the gap between the original concept and Ullate's own invention.
This, with their leading scorer (Pau Gasol) and their sixth man (Bonzi Wells) injured and in street clothes.
The work opens with five dancers dressed in drab street clothes sitting in folding chairs, as though in a waiting room.
when practice started and highly-touted incoming freshmen Thomas Herring and Eugene Germany showed up to watch practice in street clothes.
In their street clothes, House's men promise less as dancers and deliver more in theatrical terms.
This, with their leading scorer (Pau Gasol) and sixth man (Bonzi Wells) injured and in street clothes.