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ordinary clothing suitable for public appearances (as opposed to costumes or sports apparel or work clothes etc

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Wearing jeans, flip-flops and dark sunglasses, he called into Watches of Switzerland and Republic - and found something he liked in Queen Street clothes shop Zara.
Don't take: Boring street clothes and designer labels; bad eco juju glitter and feathers; CD players (the dust ruins them); friends who can't handle harsh weather and dirt.
In cases where instructors have scenarios set up where officers must subdue a role-player wearing some type of protective suit, they can have a second role-player nearby wearing regular street clothes and a concealed weapon.
Seated at a table and dressed in street clothes, Etchells began with an explanation of the structure behind the work that also functioned as a description of what was to come: "I ask my friends to send stories and videotapes.
The April issue of Company magazine is offering its readers the chance to win a day's shopping at high street clothes store Oasis.
Back in the days of the Roman Empire, when Christians first gathered for liturgy, the presider simply wore his or her (yes, her) regular street clothes.
Moments later, the CWF wrestlers themselves - now wearing street clothes -- came back to the ring for a joint prayer.
9 JULIE gets many of her Coronation Street clothes from a secondhand shop which sells many 40s and 50s-style clothes.
Friends Ivory & Sime Private Equity was advised by lawyers from Pinsent Curtis Biddle on its investment in High Street clothes retail chain, bonmarche, in a deal worth pounds 40 million.
Provide your child with old articles of clothing that they can easily put on over their street clothes and remove without your help.
One is wearing clean gowns over the street clothes by anyone entering the unit.
Doesn't someone always sit among us like this, grown stronger from an important death or an intolerance--in street clothes or habit--overlooked, even discredited (a saint, but a headstrong saint)?
We try to have all residents dressed in street clothes at Whitehall, but if someone has other ideas, we respect his or her privacy.
This report examines the trend to determine the source and impact of consumers' decisions to wear undergarments as street clothes.
Contract notice: Acquisition of street clothes for the staff of the city of Saint-Denis revival of lot No.