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a worker employed to clean streets (especially one employed by a municipal sanitation department)

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The 53-year-old, who has been a street cleaner in South Shields t for more than two decades, attacked the boys in parks, allotments and houses, a court heard.
Mr Schofield said Hanson hadn't been in trouble since and had worked as a street cleaner for 20 years.
They are your bus and taxi drivers, petrol pump attendants, grocery deliverers and street cleaners.
The video, which ascended to instant fame in June, attracting more than 1 million predominately Turkish viewers in a matter of days, features a dispute between the hot-tempered 17-year-old boy and the patience-worn street cleaner, who attempts to ward off the juvenile by repeatedly barking "oy-lum bak git," or "get lost, kid.
Cardiff street cleaner David Long has been invited to spend the afternoon with the Royal Family after being invited to a garden party at Buckingham Palace this summer PICTURE: Matthew Horwood [umlaut]
In the Midlands, two refuse collectors were shot at with guns on two separate occasions and a street cleaner in the North East was hospitalised having been hit with a shovel.
A street cleaner, Masih had allegedly placed rubbish near the wall of a mosque while tidying in the area.
They look upon government as the ultimate street cleaner and see nothing untoward in declaring the moral equivalent of martial law: Jail the sinners, elevate the saints, establish the rule of the righteous, and do it all before the next sunrise.
Most of Women's male characters have been resurrected here (some literally--like Ben the street cleaner, who was formerly killed by Lorraine the lesbian).
Myburgh's body was discovered a week later by a street cleaner who noticed the corpse hanging from shoelaces over a storm drain 200 meters from the theater.
But one 95th Street cleaner ignored city seals and it was the building owner who finally hauled the cleaner into court and reached a settlement to please the tenants.
A STREET cleaner whose selfie went viral is hoping her newfound fame can help make her dream of becoming a model come true.
A street cleaner in Hartford, Connecticut, took one look at the bench topped with green artificial turf that had appeared littering the plaza for which he was responsible, and blamed skateboarders for leaving rubbish.
A SMOKER has been fined after throwing his cigarette down a drain - as he chatted to a street cleaner.
If a street cleaner lost his/her job and was replaced by a community service unemployed person, then if that street cleaner was on the dole for more than six months, he could be told to join the community service scheme and clean the same streets he used to get paid to clean.