street child

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a homeless child especially one forsaken or orphaned

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67% did it to earn for family/self, 28% of children were homeless, 18% of children became street child due to movement with their family, 3.
Nick, 71, said: "It takes a paper like the Sunday Mirror and a charity like Street Child to focus people's attention on a crisis like this and do the business.
According to UN Street Child is any girl or boy for whom the street in the widest sense of the word (including unoccupied dwellings wasteland etc.
The money raised by the initiative will be used by Street Child Africa to help take children away from the dangers of the street, providing them with support and fostering skills and learning as well as supplying items such as shoes, uniform and a bag for school, the report added.
Street Child Africa is one of the leading organisations working with street children.
Ziko Reda, a 15-year-old street child, spends all day in the street rather than going to school, in order to earn some money for his family.
A passenger at bus station caught a street child and blamed him for pick pocketing.
I spent lots of university holidays out there, volunteering mainly for a baby orphanage in Nakuru, and venturing across the country to volunteer at a few other places, one being a street child charity called Action for Children in Conflict," she said.
The event will also feature an inspiring photography exhibition of selected works of former street child Vicky Roy, who is now celebrated around the world for his genius as a photographer.
22) Underlying these attempts are fundamental disagreements about the relevant criteria for determining who is a street child.
Second, a street child is a working child who looks after himself and is responsible for his own survival.
Although this has helped to reveal the extent of the problem, a clear picture of the developmental implications of growing up as a street child has yet to emerge.
We find out from a seven-year-old street child that two nights before, police teargased him and fifteen others from out of the statue's hollow base, where they sleep.
6%) >14 to [less than or equal to]18 7 (70%) 3 (30%) Street child hailed from Northern states (b) 19 (57.
As a neglected street child, she said she had to deal with the pathetic, cold stares of pedestrians and the mocking stares of other children.