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the address where a person or organization can be found

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It's unique with the pre-fill capability because you can get a replacement cost value based on street address the majority of the times," he said.
You can also choose a street address or Pocket Outlook contact as a start or end point.
The ANI allows the company to identify the phone number and corresponding street address of any call in North America, even unlisted numbers.
The address would begin with a person's initials, followed by her nine-digit zip code and the last two numbers of her street address.
Project 9865 (which is named for the street address of the tower) will bring panels and paint to any hospital, anywhere in the state, where any child wants to participate with their families.
com/yahoo Yahoo's electronic map helps locate any domestic street address and gives directions from U.
Our focus on street address based digital mail systems enables a gradual migration by mailers and consumer recipients," said John Payne, CEO of Zumbox.
Required information includes: First and last name, street address (physical address, no P.
This 57th Street address positions the owners Degenshein, a Romana Pilates instructor, and Gesimondo, the owner of the world famous Dragos Gym, in, one of the most coveted neighborhoods, Sutton Place.
The two companies, which have the same Oxnard Street address and could be one entity, could not be reached for comment Thursday evening.
Benfield already had property exposure data, down to street address level for the affected areas, that could be run through catastrophe models.
If you omit the city name and state from a customer's address, ZP4 will determine them from the street address and zip code.