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a streamlined train

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For more information on The Top 1 Ack Attack Streamliner Motorcycle, visit http://top1ackattack.
According to Thomas, the company now does a job for an injection molding machine that it won owing primarily to exposure working with the BUB Streamliner.
The Streamliner video server in 2U size is intended primarily for organisations conducting video-on-demand trials.
Far to the west he heardthe streamliner honking like an old goose over the pond.
Lyons Motor Car, a United States-based start-up company, is launching its futuristic-looking supercar called the LM2 Streamliner at the 2015 New York Motor Show.
Visitors to the centre can see the stunning nine-metre long, sleek yellow streamliner, until the beginning of July, while it's on temporary loan from JCB.
Visitors can see this stunning nine-metre long, sleek yellow streamliner, from May through to the beginning of July, while it's on temporary loan from JCB.
Manning," a Harley-Davidson Sportster-based streamliner that clocked 265.
Not bad for what Denis Manning, founder and president of BUB Enterprises, calls the "sure-fire, money-losing proposition," according to Joe Harralson, who designed the engine and did the finite element analysis (FEA) on this record-breaking streamliner.
This was set on August 25 1973 by Virgil W Snyder and the Thermo King Streamliner.
After a fruitful foray tramping around the Bohemian forests in search of the rare Tatra streamliner, I arrived back to hunt Britain's very own streamlined car of the 1930s.
Entone Technologies Ltd, an enabler of broadcast and on-demand video services, has released a Gigabit Ethernet version of its Streamliner video server.
Cyclone Power Technologies (OTCQB: CYPW) developer of the clean-tech Cyclone Engine, announced today that its performance division Team Steam USA has joined forces with Bonneville champions George Poteet and Ronald Main, including securing use of the construction molds for their state-of-the-art streamliner Speed Demon.
The current motorbike land-speed record, 606 km/h, was set in 2010 by Rocky Robinson on a bike called the Ack Attack Streamliner.
Derek Palmer jnr, 23, is one of two drivers, along with Swiss-based Rick Pearson, to take the controls of the custombuilt Streamliner Flower of Scotland in a series of runs on the Utah salt flats.
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