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a small stream

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At the village Usterzai, this Toye is joined by a streamlet which originates from the hilly areas of lower Orakzai and after passes through many areas it merges into Tanda Dam Kohat.
Tenders are invited for Mla sdf nemom assembly constituency reconstruction of ambalathara ups road and related streamlet in ambalathara ward.
The snow was waist-high in certain places and night had begun to fall when we came to a dead end in the mountains near the streamlet running, like ourselves, from the uplands into the valley, rushing and crashing against those rocks, whether it could or not.
The streamlet kept up a babble, kind, quiet, soothing, but melancholy, like the voice of a young child that was spending its infancy without playfulness [.
Physicchemical evaluation of leach and water from the borba gato streamlet within the catchment area of the urban waste landfill of maringa, parana state, Brazil.
The sentry in question recounts that one night he was holding a streamlet which tribal warriors needed to reach to replenish their water supply, a theme which would recur in later fiction and with apocalyptic implications.
Part of the song says: Now Simmer blinks on flowery braes, And o'er the crystal streamlet plays; Come let us spend the lightsome days, In the birks of Aberfeldy
cubelet 'small cube', streamlet 'small stream', droplets 'small drops'.
With feet I stopped and with eyes passed over beyond the streamlet to look at the great variety of fresh-flowering boughs, and there appeared to me there, as appears of a sudden a thing that for wonder drives away every other thought, a lady all alone, who went singing and culling flower from flower with which all her way was painted" (365-67) ("rio, / che 'nver sinistra con sue picciole onde / piegava l'erba che 'n sua ripa usclo.
Hatched larvae inhabit wetlands, especially small spring-fed streamlet channels that flow through the wetlands, for three to five years.
Now simmer blinks on flowery braes And o'er the crystal streamlet plays Come, let us spend the lightsome days In the birks of Aberfeldy Chorus While o'er their heads the hazels hing The little birdies blithely sing Or lightly flit on wanton wing In the birks of Aberfeldy Chorus The braes ascend like lofty wa's The foaming stream, deep-roaring, fa's O'er-hung wi' fragrant spreading shaws The birks of Aberfeldy Chorus The hoary cliffs are crown'd wi' flowers White o'er the linns the burnie pours And, rising, weets wi' misty showers The birks of Aberfeldy Chorus Let Fortune's gifts at random flee They ne'er shall draw a wish frae me Supremely blest wi' love and thee In the birks of Aberfeldy The Birks of by Robert Burns
Its gladsome glades are girt about with mists, And o'er its sward a slumberous streamlet twists, Flowing like Lethe, soundless.
The next step was to flag an approximate route, with final alignment during the wet months of last winter to ensure that seasonal changes in streamlet water levels were taken into account.