streamer fly

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an artificial fly that has wings extending back beyond the crook of the fishhook

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Most nights, my money is on the streamer fly, but if you want to entertain a few friends on a moonlight cruise, get a bucket of shrimp before the bait shop closes and keep those babies on a battery-powered aerator to keep them frisky.
an internationally recognized fly tier who specializes in classic New England featherwing streamers (especially flies from the Rangeley Lakes region), has created three videos for tiers thinking of taking up traditional streamer fly tying.
PHOTO (1--Color) Bishop angler Gary Gunsolley roll casts a streamer fly pattern under the High Sierra, as guide Tom Loe of Mammoth Lakes maneuvers his drift boat on the Lower Owens River.
We used a fast-sinking flyline and a streamer fly to take kingfish, grouper and other species out on the reef.
Tie on a streamer fly similar in size and color to the lure you hooked up with.
Best bet is a glass minnow imitation; a shiny jighead with no dressing or a Doc's Goofy Jig, worked very fast, will do the job, as will a small chrome spoon or a glass minnow streamer fly.