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Synonyms for streamer

Synonyms for streamer

Synonyms for streamer

light that streams

a newspaper headline that runs across the full page

long strip of cloth or paper used for decoration or advertising


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He also told fans of the streamer that "Tyler won't get banned for this.
The reason being that stream-snipers are now resorting to just honking incessantly at streamers after locating them in-game.
The operating principle of the ESE terminal is based on the assumption that the occurrence of a streamer passing to the leader of a downstream zipper from the terminal takes place earlier than from a conventional rod lightning detector [1], Therefore, the lead time value is the main technical characteristic of the ESE terminal.
As a possible solution to these issues, this study focused on the application of a streamer discharge in the form of non-equilibrium plasma as a technique for assisting HCCI combustion.
Becoming a video game streamer, particularly one who is popular enough to earn monetary donations for the provided entertainment, is a bit more complex.
YouTube Gaming does not provide any message if the streamer neglects to provide information (sending the user on a wild goose chase as they search for clues).
SailWing configurations can be employed to optimise towed source arrays and augment towed streamer deployment systems, yielding significantly less drag, faster towing, improved fuel efficiency and safer operations through their flexible and smaller footprint.
FORMER Iglesia ni Cristo members were seeking attention'' when they unfurled a streamer from a plane as Executive Minister Eduardo V.
The streamer is telling its stations it plans to close by the end of the month, meaning stop maintaining its streaming services and Web hosting platform.
com Google's Chromecast streamer focuses on allowing the viewer to watch content from a phone or tablet on a much bigger screen - casting the programme or film with the touch of a button.
Observations of the Seyfert galaxy NGC 5548 show a new gas streamer flowing from near its supermassive black hole, astronomers report in the July 4th Science.
A SMALL BUT SIGNIFICANT STREAMER - A streamer at the highway of Sultan Kudarat in Maguindanao contains a message that welcomes the proposed Bangasamo government, which will replace the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.
Messages can also be tied together to form longer messages or streamer poetry.
In order to determine the dust and streamer content at the silo outlet, Pelletron analyzed 50-lb material samples from the silos at various fill levels in its test lab.