stream of consciousness

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a literary genre that reveals a character's thoughts and feeling as they develop by means of a long soliloquy

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the continuous flow of ideas and feelings that constitute an individual's conscious experience

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If psychologists studied stream of consciousness, Csikszentmihalyi argues, they might be able to crack the secret of happiness.
The foul-mouthed stream of consciousness never let up.
Thus has our stream of consciousness developed a waterfall.
The novel, famous for its innovative stream of consciousness style, took Joyce seven years to write and was published in 1922.
crashed into the sea just before the 30th anniversaries of the Apollo 11 landing and Woodstock blasting off, images of John-John flowed into a media stream of consciousness that was already obsessing on Stanley Kubrick (whose early movies revealed the shadows behind Camelot).
A stream of consciousness interview is a conversation rather than a grilling.
Their protests of utmost love are no sooner uttered than doubted, a doubt implicit in the double light of the title, night and day, and in the judgmental distance of stream of consciousness in third-person narration.
It is an exercise in pure sound, in channeling his stream of consciousness into syllables.
The power of the story is heightened by the brilliant use of <IR> STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS </IR> technique, which provides a multileveled depiction of life in Mexico during and after the revolution of 1910.
The power of the story itself is heightened by the brilliant use of stream of consciousness technique, which provides a multileveled depiction of life in Mexico during and after the revolution of 1910.
This one has the apperance of posing an interesting philosophical problem, yet the reality of posing a boring one; the appearance of using a novel technique, yet the reality of reviving film cliches of eons ago; the appearance of stream of consciousness, yet the reality of babble.
Unlike the free blog on our homepage which is a compilation of different views, and an excellent read, the Gold Blog is written from a single viewpoint and is more of a stream of consciousness journey.
Successful predictions are associated with the subjective experience of a smooth stream of consciousness.
Also, she has successfully adopted quite a stream of consciousness narrative style.
And he responded with a twohour stream of consciousness which took the audience if not on the road to Damascus then at least on a journey of, at times, weird and wonderful discovery.