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someone who takes off all their clothes and runs naked through a public place

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Actually, what would Strachan's mammy Catherine think when a streaker scampered on to the pitch with more than just his beer belly hanging out.
Stockbroker Michael O'Brien is credited with being Britain's first streaker at a major sporting event when, later that year, he ditched his clothes at Twickenham during an England vs France rugby game for a PS10 dare.
THERE was dancing, beer and burgers at a Midlands streaking event but few streakers and - perhaps fortunately - denitely no tackles on view.
THERE was dancing, beer and burgers at the Coventry Ricoh's streaking event yesterday, but very few streakers and - perhaps fortunately - definitely no tackles on view.
According the New York Post, the female streaker reportedly rushed into the field at Luigi Ferraris stadium, wearing nothing but a bikini and an oversized Sampdoria flag, to bring a light-hearted moment for the otherwise depressed home fans.
The Daily Telegraph printed again the image of Mr Holmwood after a Sydney court sentenced the streaker to three months prison term and fined him $2,000 for his behaviour.
Alarm bells started going off but we figured security would be very high at the EMAs so we didn't think for one second a streaker would actually get on to the stage, let alone have a full-blown conversation with Hayden Panettiere.
When Colonel Bryson, 98, was invited to the party in 2003 a streaker interrupted the event just as the retired judge was about to shake Her Majesty's hand.
The streaker, complete with a wig and a lime green swimsuit, evaded stewards for more than 30 seconds to cheers from the crowd before the footballer got involved.
Dorchester player/manager Ashley Vickers then decided to help out the authorities by grabbing the streaker around the neck and wrestling him to the ground while dislodging his wig.
Being an avid football fan he was reading the sports pages of his newspaper which, despite news of David Beckham's exploits at his then club Real Madrid and dramatic heavyweight title fights, was dominated by the image of a streaker.
AN apology has been issued after a young streaker interrupted the annual Ayresome Park Cup Final.
But when Streaker is hit by a car, Austin must find the courage to keep going.
Blackburn's last home fixture, when they hosted Coventry in the FA Cup on Valentine's Day, was sadly marred by a streaker coming on to the field of play and handing roses to the players (see right).
If you like a bit of gratuitous nudity and think the best part of a sports event is the possibility of a streaker running out in all their naked glory, then www.