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unable to find your way

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Taking the table to represent the path of virtue, I am justified in stating that during the whole time of the Aged's reading, Wemmick's arm was straying from the path of virtue and being recalled to it by Miss Skiffins.
His fingers were straying about among the litter of tin tubes and dry brushes, seeking for something.
But, suddenly, my straying hands seized the trunk of the iron tree
During the past two or three days several cases have occurred of young children straying from home or neglecting to return from their playing on the Heath.
So the same thought may have been straying through her mind when she was staring at me just before.
Well, my pupil," said I, as the ominous sounding gate swung to behind us--"Well, I have found you again: a month's search has seemed long, and I little thought to have discovered my lost sheep straying amongst graves.
She played till Fanny's eyes, straying to the window on the weather's being evidently fair, spoke what she felt must be done.