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unable to find your way

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The Contractor will be required to provide a Dog Warden and Stray Dog Kennelling Service for a period of 5 years that, at all times, keeps under control the incidences of straying dogs within Central Bedfordshire, provides effective patrols to enforce dog fouling statutory legislation, to act as first responder in instances of dog barking complaints and provide such educational services which will promote responsible dog ownership.
According to the charity's annual Stray Dog Survey, there were 121,693 instances of straying this year compared with 107,228 last year.
Dogs Trust chief executive Clarissa Baldwin said: "Dogs Trust is encouraged to see that although the instances of straying in the UK has increased in the last two years, the percentage of these dogs being reunited with their owners has increased and, more importantly, the numbers being put to sleep has fallen drastically.
REGULAR patrols could be brought in to solve the problem of straying animals in the Valleys.
The straying sheep you have not recalled; the lost sheep you have not sought.