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Synonyms for strayer

someone who strays or falls behind

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875 Strayer shares for each Capella share, which represents a premium of approximately 22% to the closing price of Capella shares on Friday, October 27, 2017, the last trading day prior to announcement.
Based on the closing prices of Strayer and Capella common stock on October 27, 2017, the implied equity value of the combined company is approximately USD 1.
Silberman, Executive Chairman of Strayer, said, "We have been admirers of Capella's innovation and expertise in online education for years.
We sell at least one gun per class--in addition to student tuition, of course," Strayer said.
Our collaboration with Strayer demonstrates our focus on building our dealers' hard-working employees' skillsets to help them perform at an optimal level while also investing in their long-term success.
By providing an "insider look" at the events leading up to patriation (such as his take on the controversial Kirby Memorandum, a confidential document which outlined the federal government's action plan for unilateral patriation if negotiations with the provinces failed), Strayer offers compelling insight into the federal government's perspectives and motivations during this time.
Strayer University - Chamblee Campus located at 3355 Northeast Expressway, Atlanta GA have pulled together a panel of influential leaders in the business community for one purpose; To educate and empower students and guests on how to monetize their skills through entrepreneurship.
Strayer University's School of Information Systems and Technology, for example, offers well-rounded programs designed to meet employers' expectations by providing students with practical knowledge for their future leadership roles along with experience in integrating and administering computer-based technologies.
But in a sub-discipline defined by "the tension between inclusion and coherence," Strayer contends that sometimes "less can be more.
Brian Strayer, a historian at Andrews University, offers here a wealth of interesting information about a major movement in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century French Catholicism, specifically about many very devout and some fanatical people.
Strayer (history and political science, Andrews University) traces the history of the movement in this well-written study.
This case will require the student to value the equity of Strayer Education, Incorporated, (NYSE:STRA) and make a buy or sell recommendation as an independent analyst.
At times it reads like an elaborate theory of art, though where art theories tend to start from common properties shared by already existing artworks, Strayer instead lays a groundwork for a metaphysics of artworks.
Richard Strayer, a retired business and economics professor, said he found it fascinating, and local elected officials who have taken the tour recommended it to residents.