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Synonyms for strawman

a person used as a cover for some questionable activity

a weak or sham argument set up to be easily refuted


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an effigy in the shape of a man to frighten birds away from seeds

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Malloy made a strawman argument on at least two different levels.
The focus of the workshop was on developing (at conceptual and strategic levels) the proposed performance and incentive framework (the strawman model) for all PHC providers, not just general practice.
are simply strawman excuses for police opposition to any form of public scrutiny, inquiry, or outside interference--including legislative--about how they conduct their business.
After reading Beale's critique a number of times, I am sorry to say that he selectively misrepresents my views and sets up a strawman that he then attempts to destroy with his tortuous line of argumentation.
One's son accused me of all sort of lies while the real reason was that I refused to act as strawman for his father to buy telecom shares.
In this case, the bishops were either cynically manipulated by the professional antiabortion lobby in Washington or were complicit in stuffing this strawman.
We were trying to boil the ocean but scaled it back, created a strawman to kick around, solved some other problems by talking to the dog, and meantime ignored the consultants who have gone native.
You can see it in his eyes--mentally, Strawman has left the building, cranking away on his favorite small river run.
They propped up Limbaugh as their strawman to tar the GOP as an antique, discredited, and obstructionist bunch of sore losers who will stop at nothing to derail Obama's policies.
The chairlady of the Board of Regents takes the strawman route, bleating her great distress that the "bad apples" are sullying the reputation of "the hundreds of fine student athletes in our system.
Calvin Brown's May article is a strawman argument that paints horns on progressive Christians.
Though Collier acknowledges that the newspaper was "a natural strawman for the aesthetic project of modernism" (4), he emphasizes, rather, that "the distinction between journalism and literature was part of the structure of thought through which contemporaries viewed the print marketplace, part of the intellectual matrix in which modernism took shape" (202).
El resultado es lo que se conocio como el Informe Strawman.
In critiquing constitutional originalism, Breyer (like so many others) creates a strawman.