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small evergreen European shrubby tree bearing many-seeded scarlet berries that are edible but bland

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A white tent illuminated by large white lights covered a champagne table holding a massive strawberry tree and cheese biscuits.
BERRY NICE: The strawberry tree and dogwood (below, left) are among the kings of winter colour
Where the old village of Macreddin once was there is now the four-star BrookLodge Hotel, with The Strawberry Tree Restaurant, its award-winning organic cuisine and its very own pub and brewery.
The Strawberry Tree Catalog features software for data acquisition and analysis in Windows, DOS, and Macintosh formats.
It goes by a variety of names including the Spanish madrono, jarrito, and mansanita, as well as the English terms madrona, laurel, strawberry tree and arbutus.
When writing software to use with PC based data acquisition hardware, users can write in their language of choice (such as Visual Basic, C++ and Delphi), or they can purchase a software application (such as HP VEE, Strawberry Tree WorkBench, LABTECH Notebook and LABTECH Control), and use it to create their program.
Bees will be attracted to many favourites such as fruit trees - apple, pears, plums and cherries - as well as the horse chestnut, hawthorns, sorbus, Indian bean tree, the Judas tree and the strawberry tree.
Around 70,000 new trees and shrubs have been planted around the park, including the Tree of Heaven, Strawberry Tree, Scarlet Oak and Liquidambar, which is famous for its glowing autumn colours.
Solomon's seal, Epimedium, and hostas grow in the shady areas, while a blend of grasses, Ceanothus, and a strawberry tree goes in drier, more exposed places.
Other flowering trees that would grow well in your area include the strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo) with urn-shaped white flowers and bumpy yellow and red fruit; the desert willow (Chilopsis linearis) with fragrant pink trumpet flowers; the silk tree (Albizia julibrissin) with feathery pink flower puffs; and the southern magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora) with large, strong-scented, chaliced white blooms.
PLANT OF THE WEEK - Arbutus THE strawberry tree is worth growing if you fancy something more unusual.
Although it does not by nature produce as many flowers and fruits of the true strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo), the hybrid, Arbutus x andrachnoides, has the most superb flaking cinnamon bark and glossy evergreen leaves.
If you want something a little more sedate try the award-winning Strawberry Tree restaurant in Macreddin village.
Incidentally ,the Killarney Strawberry Tree grown out of doors is a magnificent small tree for the garden given a slightly sheltered position and an acid soil.