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Synonyms for straw-coloured

having the color of dry straw

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From the region's best villages and a notch up from standard Macon, this straw-coloured chardonnay from the far south of Burgundy has lively, orchard fruits on the nose with a touch of lemon zest and balances ripe peachy fruits with good minerality on the fresh finish.
The flowerheads, which turn straw-coloured in late autumn, provide structural winter interest and some protection for new buds emerging in late winter, so don't snip them off until early spring.
Workhorse shrubs include hydrangeas, which flower in late summer offering large blooms in shades of pink and blue before the flowerheads change colour to a rich straw-coloured hue, maintaining their shape as they dry on the stem.
The majority of these cysts are lined with synovial cells and contain a straw-coloured fluid.
Yalta Zoo veterinarian Alexander Dyakov said: "We expected that the cubs would be beige or straw-coloured, the natural colour lions, but we were really, really pleasantly surprised.
They should drink as much water as necessary to keep urine colourless or light straw-coloured.
From his imaginary journey, he brought back a fragrance that doubly harmonizes with its bottle: its pale, straw-coloured juice lights up the crystal like a ray of sunshine, and its olfactory perfection is a tribute to the rare beauty of the object.
After a long spell of early summer rain the course is not the straw-coloured horror track it has been in some previous years.
Pale, straw-coloured urine normally indicates a good level of hydration but water intake needs to be increased if the colour is any darker.
The straw-coloured liquid has a wonderful zesty fruity aroma, and the taste is light and well-balanced although a little too sweet.
Sweeter in style, this golden straw-coloured Riesling would be ideal with any light dessert from a mousse to creme brulAe.
We must lance this boil before it pops and covers us all in the viscous and straw-coloured liquid of shame.
The whorls of needles grow on straw-coloured twigs that hang from the branches of the European Larch.
The straw-coloured brew has been named after one of the Warwickshire-based charity's golden Labrador, who retiring as he reaches his tenth birthday.