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Synonyms for straw-colored

having the color of dry straw

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The cystic fluid was straw-colored, and was positive for malignant cells and a PSA level of more than 5,000 ng/mL.
On examination, the tympanic membrane was retracted and a straw-colored fluid could be seen behind an intact tympanic membrane (figure).
There's also a bat movie theater and, naturally, a selection of bats - a dozen Jamaican fruit bats (Artibus jamaicensis) and two straw-colored fruit bats (Eidolon helvum.
Feather reed grass (Calamagrostis x acutiflora Karl Foerster') Foliage becomes golden yellow in fall and winter, Reddish purple flower spikes age to straw-colored seed heads.
It comes as a spray-dried powder, pale in color, or as a pale straw-colored liquid that flows readily.
Against solid black underpainting are amethyst sidewalks, tawny-gold plate glass, hair like electrified silver, automobiles with the reflectance of precious metals, a parking garage whose aquamarine walls and straw-colored floor suggest an undersea grotto carpeted with sands of gold - colors and surfaces that transport us to what Aldous Huxley, in Heaven and Hell, called "the mind's antipodes," extremes he claims are common to visual and verbal representations of paradise across cultures and eras.
The fluid may be straw-colored (lymph), or fat-containing, milky white (chyle), or pinkish-red if it contains blood.
In the glass, the wine appears pale gold or straw-colored.
When the snow finally melted from the lawn, it exposed large irregular patches of straw-colored grass.
A luminous straw-colored yellow with slight greenish hints, bright.
Yun Song Sil, a school principal, pulled out a dummy of an American soldier with a beaked nose and straw-colored hair and explained that the students beat him with batons or pelt him with stones.
The result is a fresh brewed, straw-colored ale with a subtle hop character and a mild malt flavor.
Blue gray leaves in 2- or 3-foot-tall clumps topped by straw-colored flowers in spring.
Abdominal ultrasonography revealed massive ascites, and paracentesis returned 6 L yellow, straw-colored fluid.
The plant has a lot of straw-colored foliage amongst its distinctive blue-gray leaves and should probably be cut to the ground in order to be rejuvenated and produce fresh growth.