stratus cloud

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a large dark low cloud

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Hosted Solutions' unique "Hi-Touch" consultative approach has been another key element in the adoption of its full range of Stratus Cloud services.
lt;p>Even though the EX8216 is positioned by Juniper as a platform for cloud computing, the company is believed to be working on new switching architectures as part of its Stratus cloud computing project.
Saturated air does not, necessarily, mean clouds exist, but locating saturated or nearly-saturated conditions on a Skew-T diagram is a reliable way to isolate stratus cloud tops and stratus cloud bases with some important exceptions.
On the other hand, the result may be a garden-variety, non-precipitating stratus cloud with light to occasionally moderate icing potential.
The presence of a stratus cloud layer does reduce the amount of radiation cooling, but may not totally eliminate it.
The CHM8k's biaxial optical construction between receiver and transmitter beam proves itself as very tolerant against strong diffusion events such as fog, precipitation or low-lying stratus clouds.
Our weatherman Paul Stevens explains: "As the sun was going down, there was a damp south-west wind, and there were very high stratus clouds over the Pennines.
In combination with extensive satellite mapping of smoke and clouds, ORACLES aircraft flights will allow scientists to gather the information needed to understand whether smoke from African fires is changing the way in which marine stratus clouds off the west coast of Africa cool the Earth.
Print out pictures from the Internet of cirrus, cumulus, and stratus clouds.
The last time I saw a sky looking this big in Birmingham was during a visit to Newhall Valley Country Park in Sutton Coldfield, when there was a similar mixture of blue sky and towering clouds instead of the all-too familiar grey stratus clouds which dominate our weather systems.