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the branch of geology that studies the arrangement and succession of strata

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The subsequent comprehensive stratigraphical work of Gomez (1979) revealed, in the Sot de Chera locality (besides of Rhynchonella cf.
Late Flandrian shoreline oscillations in the Severn Estuary: a geomorphological and stratigraphical reconnaissance.
2012a, b) and perissodactyls (Bernor and Hussain 1985; Khan, 2009) extends its stratigraphical range from the Late Miocene to the Pliocene.
New results on deer from Swanscombe, and the stratigraphical significance of deer remains in the middle and upper Pleistocene of Europe.
Squires and Saul (2009) indicated the stratigraphical range of the bivalve Opis rosarioensis Anderson and Hanna, 1935, found here and elsewhere in the Schulz Ranch Member of the Williams Formation, to be lower middle Campanian.
Early stage exploration works under the venture include carrying out lithogeochemical sampling along with shallow stratigraphical and lithogeochemical drilling, in addition to extending the current soil coverage, Connemara said.
Stratigraphical analysis of a deep ice core from Greenland.
The present description of a new finding in the Lopingian of South Africa considerably extends both the stratigraphical and geographical range of the genus.
He applies the archaeological stratigraphical method to illuminate the history of the expeditions.
This interpretation indicates that the original field work was of great quality, and that the stratigraphical mixing thought to have happen by most researchers, including Breuil, Roche and Zilhao, most likely did no take place and the cave was kept essentially pristine up to the moment of the complete excavation by Delgado.
This project includes mineralogical as well as stratigraphical and paleontological studies.
Several years ago, Deng and his research group found many plant fossils from the rocks that were formed in the Late Permian during their stratigraphical and paleontological investigation in Heilongjiang, Northeast China.
The fact is that the sedimentologic and stratigraphic inforrnation of the wells Iocated there was not updated, Therefora, this study aimed to produce a sedimentological and stratigraphical characterization of the Escandalosa ("O" Member), Burguita, Gobernador (Masparrito Member) and Paguey Formations in the aforementioned atea.
The Museum records are silent regarding the exact stratigraphical location of the image when recovered from the courtyard of the theatre.
Two appendices include a list of C-14 dates and a concordance of excavated loci based on room, street, square, building, wall, and stratigraphical units.