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the branch of geology that studies the arrangement and succession of strata

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In the North Viking Graben, some older sands were wrongly assigned to be the Agat Formation, but closer examination of the age and composition enabled them to be reassigned and a better stratigraphic correlation was achieved between wells and seismic.
Stratigraphic correlation shows that the thickness of Upper Gorn Formation is decreasing towards North.
These rock bodies must be characterized and arranged in stratigraphic units to enable us to reconstruct the geological and human history of these areas.
This discovery brings the total number of wells (in which Ecopetrol has a participation) where the presence of hydrocarbons has been proved in 2010 to seven, including exploratory and stratigraphic.
Papers by Logan and Colpron, and Ferri and Schiarizza deal with stratigraphic and structural relationships in the Kootenay terrane.
Petroleum discoveries in parts of the western desert have made it attractive for exploration, both for the Palaeozoic play and stratigraphic traps.
We have not been able to identify unequivocally the stratigraphic position of the Seelyville on geophysical logs from numerous places in Indiana or in neighboring counties in Kentucky and Illinois.
Following the discussions on the hierarchical order of rock properties and reservoir characteristics, basic sedimentological and stratigraphic principles are reviewed to explain carbonate platform characteristics and stratigraphic relationships.
TGS and the African Petroleum Producers' Association (APPA) have signed a Letter of Intent to harmonize the stratigraphic nomenclature of the sedimentary basins of 13 countries in Africa.
Ran, Wang, Sun, Yan, and Tong provide students, academics, practicing reservoir engineers, and petroleum geologists with a comprehensive guide to emerging developments in integrated volcanic gas reservoir characterization techniques and the grade and relationship of volcanic stratigraphic sequences.
This paper attempts stratigraphic characterization of the Early Cambrian Abbottabad Formation exposed in the Sherwan area west of Abbottabad.
g, Rancho La Brea near Los Angeles), each chapter provides information on its evolutionary context, discovery, subsequent research, stratigraphic setting, biota, paleoecology, and comparisons with similar sites worldwide.
This collection is the result of a May 2004 meeting examining current petroleum industry perceptions of stratigraphic trap exploration together with the technologies, tools, and philosophy of stratigraphic trap exploration.
The Application of Ichnology to Palaeoenvironmental and Stratigraphic Analysis
Large potentials do exist in the Palaeozoic rocks as well as in stratigraphic traps, which will be pursued as well.