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form layers or strata

develop different social levels, classes, or castes

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form, arrange, or deposit in layers

render fertile and preserve by placing between layers of earth or sand

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Download this white paper on Stratifying High-Risk Patients in 2014 at http://www.
After stratifying the women into three groups on the basis of blood DDT concentrations, the researchers found that each additional 10 nanograms of the pesticide per gram of serum increased a woman's chance of early miscarriage by 17 percent.
Take the 10 Questions On Stratifying High-Risk Patients Survey at https://www.
Results of two similar six-month, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies of LUNESTA 3 mg for the treatment of insomnia were pooled and analyzed by stratifying by race/ethnicity for 1,581 patients.
Zareba, who has used the ART's patented Predictor(R) signal averaging software extensively, commented, "Signal averaged ECG with detailed analysis of QRS duration and late potentials is a very valuable tool in stratifying patients at risk of cardiac death.