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form layers or strata

develop different social levels, classes, or castes

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form, arrange, or deposit in layers

render fertile and preserve by placing between layers of earth or sand

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This capacity coupled with their world-class service model and multi-lingual ordering process has helped make access to STRATIFY JCV as simple as possible for neurologists, said Meena Subramanyam, Ph.
Focus Diagnostics is the only laboratory market authorized by the FDA to provide the STRATIFY JCV test in the United States.
Stratify Legal Discovery OnPoint's analytical techniques, including enterprise-grade search, metadata-based faceted search, automatic concept organization, and random sampling technologies contribute to a defensible process for selecting responsive data.
The transparent integration of the PwC and Stratify teams has impressed our clients, while the enterprise-grade reliability, efficiency and scalability of Stratify's eDiscovery technology has enabled them to conduct more efficient and legally defensible investigations at a lower cost.
The Stratify Legal Discovery[TM] service provides one of the most comprehensive, easy-to-use and reliable technology-assisted eDiscovery solutions for early case assessment and efficient review.
Stratify and Iron Mountain are registered trademarks, and Stratify Legal Discovery is a trademark, of Iron Mountain.
Given today's global business and legal environments, opening a full-service London office and data centre is an exciting and logical next step, said Ramana Venkata, Chief Operating Officer of Iron Mountain Digital and founder of Stratify.
SAS-70 certification provides transparency into how Stratify manages and maintains security processes and protocols," stated Amar Singh, director of IT and Operations for Stratify.
General Counsel can explore eDiscovery technologies and strategies October 18-21 in Boston with Iron Mountain and Stratify eDiscovery legal experts
Stratify Launches Webinar Series Highlighting Deep-rooted Success Factors for Electronic Discovery
Now Stratify is integrating on-premises and hosted solutions for enterprise-class eDiscovery.
a market leader in eDiscovery and subsidiary of Iron Mountain Incorporated , the global leader in information protection and storage services, announces the introduction of the Stratify Legal Discovery v9.
General Counsel can Practice Better Law with Stratify eVantage Intelligent Processing and Advanced Filtering Technologies
To safeguard client eDiscovery data, Stratify has invested in and deployed a fully replicated production datacenter with more than 250 terabytes of storage, 200 servers and redundant 100MB internet access, coupled with highly trained personnel and security procedures.
Stratify consultants will also facilitate the development of policies and procedures to enable the efficient reuse of potentially relevant data under active management by Iron Mountain for client eDiscovery investigations and matters.