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Words related to stratify

form layers or strata

develop different social levels, classes, or castes

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form, arrange, or deposit in layers

render fertile and preserve by placing between layers of earth or sand

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STRATIFY JCV sampling materials can be ordered on Unilabs website in six different languages.
For instance, the STRATIFY JCV ELISA test is only available in the United States from Focus Diagnostics, which has a long history of developing infectious disease diagnostics.
23 January 2012 - Quest Diagnostics Incorporated (NYSE:DGX), a US-based provider of diagnostics company, said on Friday that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had approved a de novo classification petition to the company's STRATIFY JCV Antibody ELISA testing service.
Stratify is championing the independent estate agents and would like to promote independent small businesses.
The unstructured data management (UDM) solution combines transparent search, integrated categorization and entity recognition (such as people, locations and organizations) with taxonomy management capabilities, says Stratify.
BOSTON -- Iron Mountain Incorporated (NYSE: IRM), the information management company, today announced the release of Stratify Legal Discovery[R] OnPoint, a new hosted eDiscovery offering that simplifies eDiscovery while reducing costs by delivering free processing and loading of unlimited data for early stage filtering to drive high-productivity review.
Data from the study suggests that it may be possible to clinically stratify colon cancer patients.
CONSUMERS in Coventry need to understand HIPs (Home Information Packs) if they are to embrace a dry run, says Stratify Associates, an independent HIP provider.
0 automates the process of organizing unstructured information by using the structure implicit in documents to construct an easy-to-navigate taxonomy customized for a business, says Stratify.
Stratify, a leader in electronic discovery and a wholly-owned subsidiary of information management services company Iron Mountain Incorporated (NYSE: IRM), has augmented its eDiscovery production capabilities with enhanced electronic document conversion and imaging processes gained from its acquisition earlier this month of Legal Imaging Technologies, Inc.
The Stratify Discovery System's Web services APIs provide direct access to enterprisewide taxonomies that are automatically generated and managed by the Discovery System.
Stratify says its new Discovery System is a categorization solution optimized for Inktomi search technology that delivers fast and intuitive direct navigation of its sophisticated topic hierarchies.
By leveraging Iron Mountain's vast resources and high security protocols, Stratify empowers UK and EU law firms and corporations to meet today's most complex electronic disclosure challenges.
Employing Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and Web Services Description Language (WSDL) standards, the Stratify software platform makes it easier for developers to incorporate unstructured information into a wide range of applications, such as CRM, ERP and SFA systems.
General Counsel can explore eDiscovery technologies and strategies October 18-21 in Boston with Iron Mountain and Stratify eDiscovery legal experts