strategic warning

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(military) a warning prior to the start of a threatening act

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Garbo, G M, Anticipating Surprise: Analysis for Strategic Warning, (Edited by J Goldman), University Press of America, New York, 2004, p 5.
Cynthia Grabo, Anticipating Surprise: Analysis for Strategic Warning, Center for Strategic Intelligence Research, Washington, DC, 2004, 1-4.
In recognition of this assumption, additional analysis was performed with 7 days of strategic warning.
In summary, a comparison of prepositioned afloat and airlift in scenarios with and without strategic warning is shown in Table 1.
The delays in the Iranian program are important because they add strategic warning time for the West to respond to any Iranian push for a bomb.
As the Armada preparations came to a head, Walsingham commissioned naval reconnaissance missions of key Spanish ports, and although his work provided strategic warning to the crown and the Royal Navy, contrary winds prevented tactical warning.
Admiral Ellis is former commander of the United States Strategic Command at Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska, where he had global responsibility for strategic warning systems, integrated missile defense, space operations, and other critical national defense functions.
The Agency's primary missions have historically focused on strategic warning and coordination of clandestine activities abroad.
The strategic warning time for reconstitution of a credible conventional military threat to Europe can now be measured in years.
However, Bar-Joseph could have made this important point concerning the human factor by explaining the lack of a strategic warning before the 1973 war without belittling other reasons for the main misfortunes of the Israeli military in its encounter with the Egyptian and Syrian armies.
I cannot believe that George Robertson was aware of the report and chose to ignore the strategic warnings from his own advisers.
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