strategic intelligence

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intelligence that is required for forming policy and military plans at national and international levels

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The study will build and pilot an operational strategic intelligence foresight System for Future Research and Innovation (R&I) Framework Programmes.
MEDraysintell is a team of international experts providing first-rate strategic intelligence in nuclear medicine, radiotherapy, proton therapy and brachytherapy.
For strategic intelligence officers, NIU is a requirement to qualify for FA34 (Strategic Intelligence), but the student body includes professionals from other officer and enlisted career fields as well--military intelligence, special forces, aviation, medical service corps and others who meet the admissions prerequisites and have the appropriate academic preparation.
In this sense, intelligence, particularly strategic intelligence, is taken as the hub of the research in identifying national security strategy, while linking the discussion to the concept of 'strategy' by the 'requisiteness' and 'functionality' of both fields.
Mahadevan ascribes the Indian government's poor responsiveness to strategic intelligence to four constraints: a lack of political consistency, a lack of political consensus, a lack of operational capacity, and a lack of operational coordination.
The course, titled "Latin American Futures Project" and offered through the Strategic Intelligence National Intelligence Officer Council and National Cryptologic School, promised to "analyze potential developments in the Andean region and Brazil over the next five years along with their implications for US interests in the region.
Thus, the importance of strategic intelligence, defined by Maccoby as made up of a number of complex abilities and conceptual tools:
West provides an initial chronology and introduction, both very brief, but to his credit offers a superb bibliography of the major primary and secondary sources in the field of World War I strategic intelligence.
When a seasoned strategic intelligence expert observed that the recent accidental bomb blast in a non-descript district-town of Burdwan in the Indian state of West Bengal is the first stroke to set the sensitive border state on fire, it sounded a bit awkward.
Commenting on the deal, BAE Systems' Intelligence and Security president DeEtte Gray said the integration of SIG's technologies with her company's existing intelligence solutions would enhance the capabilities of the enlarged group to offer customers tactical and strategic intelligence from around the world.
INDIA and the US begin their 11th annual strategic intelligence dialogue in New Delhi on Monday.
Viewed on the map, the insurrection appears to have been the product of genuine strategic intelligence, one that utilized Jamaica's distinctive geography and aimed toward the creation of alternative enduring societies," Brown writes in explaining the map.
Gaining strategic advantage can be achieved through the development of strategic intelligence performance, which incorporates highly trained human resource, technology and almost limitless financial resources.
The Teradata Active EDW supports robust strategic intelligence for long-range planning and reporting and real-time operational intelligence for 'front-line' employees.
Monitor Quest, the strategic intelligence company, was brought in by Twickenham officials to conduct the investigation after reports compiled by the Rugby Players' Association, the RFU and the Premiership clubs were published by The Times newspaper.
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