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Synonyms for strategic

Synonyms for strategic

relating to or concerned with strategy


highly important to or an integral part of a strategy or plan of action especially in war

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The agency is now expanding its strategic relationships to include "Tier II" suppliers.
The result is empirically-based, insightful, creative solutions to strategic challenges that demand nothing less.
It's really important for the leader of an institute like the NIEHS to plant the flag, to lay out a vision of what he thinks is important, and [Schwartz has] done that in this strategic plan," says Bernard Goldstein, an NIEHS National Advisory Environmental Health Sciences Council member who recently retired as dean of the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health.
It was this turbulent environment that essentially made the AICPA and the Tax Section assess internal strengths and weakness, as well as external opportunities and threats, and develop a strategic plan.
Based on the developments of game theory pioneered by John Nash, the subject of the movie "A Beautiful Mind," Strategic Gaming can help answer crucial strategic questions.
Before a managing partner or search committee even looks for a potential strategic relationship partner, the first step should be to decide what additional capabilities the firm needs.
For that reason, Don Huizenga, AFS 2nd vice president, is the strategic planning chair and the leader for the next few years.
In classic bureaucratese, the new strategic concept speaks of "crisis management through non-Article 5 crisis response operations.
What on earth does he want to replace the practice of strategic communication with?
In order to do this, they must engage in the process of strategic management.
The announcement was made by Paul Schack, president of Strategic Resources Corporation, Phoenix Four's exclusive representative and investment advisor, and by James Hopkins, III, Strategic Resources' executive vice president.
Throughout 1992, ACA was developing a strategic plan to guide decision-making during the 1993-1995 period.
If we elect to treat these vibrant countries as dependent clients by, for example, making unilateral decisions to pursue strategic defense, and scrap existing constraints on offensive systems, they may reassess their voluntary affiliation and pursue a course that takes them well beyond the greater self-reliance that Dr.
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