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a large and strong and heavyset man

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A good week for Strapper climaxed on Friday night in the squadron bar mentoring fledgling aviators.
By using Chargemaster to oppositely charge the top and bottom of each magazine, publishers tell us they can stack and shrink wrap their books without needing to use a strapper at all," said Scott Shelton, North American sales manager at Simco.
5 seconds, the strapper applies and tensions two parallel 1/2-inch plastic straps around the stacked pallet load-on the forklift.
The pouches are hand-packed, two to a case, and the cases are hand-palletized, then secured with an automatic strapper.
sexy in The vet, assistant trainer and strapper were happy with the way she travelled, although she wasn't entirely happy with being in the middle seat.
Report New Zealand Derby (G1) Ellerslie, 1m4f, 3yo TWENTY-FIVE years after first tasting Derby glory as the 16-year-old strapper to the mighty Bonecrusher, trainer Shaune Ritchie added his own chapter to the New Zealand Derby, triumphing with Military Move in yesterday's NZ$2.
The system includes three VG2100 palletizers, all feeding a common automatic strapper and automatic stretch wrapper.
Inserted copies from a Muller Martini SLS-1000 (equipped with an inkjet head to address mailed products) pass to a Quipp 300 stacker and Dynaric strapper.
Miami-based Quipp has introduced the LBX-2000 general-duty manual strapper, cycling at up to 70 straps per minute and featuring jam-proof technology and automatic re-feed.
In addition to his 53kg, he will be carrying the hopes of his owner Craig and all the Bennett clan, his trainer Luca, his trainer's wife Sara, his strapper Michel and the rest of the team shouting at the TV in the stables at home at Bedford House in Newmarket, as well as the farrier, the vet, the feed merchant, the people who have supported him in the betting, his very nervous track work-rider and everyone in between.
The Strapper applies three straps to pallets of green plastic trays that are supplied to one of the UK's leading supermarkets, and four straps to pallets of T H Clements branded boxes, which are supplied to wholesale markets.
The Times chose the Packman II to reduce costs, which it expects to do by having fewer people between the stacker and strapper and "being able to run the inserter faster, especially on Sunday advance runs," Project Manager Andy Swanton said in a statement.
At Braunstone, Gordian installed two Side Seal Compression Strappers on two separate lines, and one cross strapper (without compression), shared between the two lines.
Her father was a stable hand and strapper for harness racing legend, Bill Shinn.