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a commuter who uses public transportation

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a standing subway or bus passenger who grips a hanging strap for support

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Urinating inside subway or tracks or at the station is not uncommon; in August last year, a subway rider released a cloud of crickets and peed herself in a Brooklyn-bound D train train crossing the Manhattan Bridge, sending straphangers scurrying away from her.
I remember having to read the Times in elementary school for a period of time, and the teacher even taught us how to do the straphanger fold used by subway and bus riders to manage the paper, along with understanding how the right-hand column was the top story, followed by the left-hand column, and so on.
Overall, the amount of cars in the system that would qualify as dirty sank to 50% from 53% two years ago, part of an ongoing trend of improvement, according to Straphanger attorney and spokesman Gene Russianoff, since the number of clean cars dipped significantly in the mid 1990s after the MTA made cuts among cleaning personnel.
The cars doors will be 8 inches (58 inches) wider than the current door spans to fast-track boarding and some of the pilot cars will feature open gangways to will allow for more straphangers and to reduce crowding.
We demanded and secured private investments into important city infrastructure that put hundreds of thousand of straphangers first.
A video of the incident captured by straphangers waiting for a train shows a police officer telling Kalleen he needed a permit to play there--which the musician disputed.
A riders' advocacy group called the Straphangers Campaign started analyzing the electronic alerts sent by the MTA to subway riders.
Experimental Clocks Tell Straphangers if the Wait May Soon Be Over, N.
Straphangers on Wednesday said that they were shocked by Han's death but that it's always a silent fear for many of the more than 5.
ANY LOCAL CAN TELL YOU that Beantown's biggest tribe is composed of Red Sox fans, a passionate group of straphangers who ride the nation's oldest public transit system to get to Fenway Park.
Organized by Candy Apple Red Productions, the benefit concert will feature live music by New York bands After Chidori, Yo Scunt, Olde York, Straphangers, and Providence band Reason to Fight.
Big Apple visitors and New York straphangers on the go can stay productive, update their status and surf online while avoiding data overage charges and network congestion via Boingo's Wi-Fi networks from June 25 through September 7, 2012.
The flamboyant marchers - many of whom wore their costumes on the subway to the amusement of their fellow straphangers - walked alongside the colorful floats and danced to several live bands blaring out a mix of top 40 hits and the old-time standards.
1) Author interview with Gene Russianoff, staff attorney, NY Straphangers, September 30, 2009.