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a hinge with two long straps


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They rotate on strap hinges welded along the top of the gunwales.
First, he added a secondary latch that locked over the end of the spring strap hinge, and second, he fitted a T/C adjustable rear sight and a homemade front sight over the Smith sights with the use of "GOOP.
Arrange the two pallets in a 90-degree angle and join them with four heavy-duty strap hinges.
Also, exchange the screws on standard hinges with security screws, or replace the hinges with strap hinges, also secured with coach bolts.
The entrance has an outer arch with the door formed of studded vertical planks with long strap hinges which may be original 17th century workmanship.
l Replace standard door hinges with strap hinges secured by bolts.
Strap hinges, shutter dogs, and even hold backs (basically a long hook and eye that can keep an open shutter against the house)--even if they aren't used--can give a house a great feel.
Two panels hang from posts with heavy strap hinges so they can swing open for loading bulky furniture and garden supplies.
It is made of three wide planks of oak, bound together with galvanized strap hinges.
Instead of a thin piano hinge found on some cases, Robertson uses heavy stainless steel strap hinges.
Inside there are hand-forged rat-tail blots, strap hinges and Suffolk latches made in Hereford and Ludlow in designs dating from Tudor times.
Blanket chest, dome top, grained, strap hinges, circa 1861, 28 by 54 inches: $1,900.
Searer's handsome Granada highboy with double doors attached by strap hinges features a typically-Spanish, hand-forged iron underbrace attached to the center of the base and to the leg stretchers.
Use Liquid Wrench Penetrating Oil to help loosen stubborn items and prevent future freeze-ups; also works great on garden gate strap hinges and locks.
Shed burglaries, he says, can be prevented by using quality padlocks and replacing standard hinges with strap hinges secured by coach bolts or nonreturn screws.