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Synonyms for strangled

held in check with difficulty

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The murderer strangled him in his own house after dinner on the night before, carried his corpse, with all his fishing tackle, across the stream in the dead of night, tied him to the tree, and left him there under the stars.
As I explained before, he might easily have been strangled.
He had opened his mouth to answer the hermit, when the mouth was stopped and the voice strangled by a strong, soft gag suddenly twisted round his head like a tourniquet.
The persons who, like ourselves, never cross the Place de Grève without casting a glance of pity and sympathy on that poor turret strangled between two hovels of the time of Louis XV.
Had he been able to get at Van Baerle, he would have pounced upon him and strangled him.
The air in the collar and cuff establishment strangled her.
As they were disputing, they passed a statue carved in stone, which represented "a Lion strangled by a Man.
In due time he was dragged across, half strangled, and dreadfully beslubbered by the feculent waters.
Instantly my hands were at her throat, stifling a shriek, my knees were upon her struggling body; and there in the darkness, without a word of accusation or reproach, I strangled her till she died!
Inglethorp cried out in a strangled voice, her eyes fixed on the doctor:
Summary: The body of a 14-year-old Syrian boy who went missing in north Lebanon Sunday was found strangled Monday near a river not far from his home.
Lahore: Pakistan police on Saturday launched an investigation against a prominent cleric after a six-year-old boy was found strangled and dumped in a mosque after being sexually abused.
An unemployed man, who strangled his wife to death because he could not afford to pay her alimony if he divorced her, has been sentenced to death on Wednesday.
A husband strangled his wife because she was going to leave him for another man, a court has been told.
She had been strangled with a dog lead just days after she told police she feared for her safety.