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Citing the long history in the West of an interest in strangeness and strangers, and noting how well literature lends itself to the examination of the subject, this volume demonstrates the pros of pondering the strange.
Pamuk's tender and compassionate narration describes an inborn strangeness in Mevlut--which is at the heart of the novel--but this condition is equally forged by the transformations of late-twentieth-century Turkey.
In the light of the compelling and conspicuous facts, what is raising strangeness and astonishment is the continuation of Russia's support for the criminal regime, despite the regime's attempts to foil the political solution made by Geneva 2, to deviate it of its path and its objectives aiming at forming a transitional body to put an end to the Syrian crisis, the source added.
Extending the kaleidoscope of possibilities in the diverse comparative approaches to literature--more precisely poetry, in this case study--Edmond analyses and acknowledges different "multilateral cross-cultural referents and personal encounters" (3) between six avant-garde poets from post-Soviet Russia, China and the United States, giving the reader examples of poets who have actively responded to the historical changes "by intertwining linguistic strangeness and multiple cross-cultural engagements in ways that offer new possibilities for reconceiving literary and cultural studies" (3).
For all ordinary matter, with no strange quarks, the strangeness value is zero and the chart is flat.
With plenty of excitement and strangeness in these tales, "True Cow Tales" is a top pick and very highly recommended.
The sense of strangeness is not a cognitive recognition; it is the experience of the collapse of cognition, of vertigo, throbbing in raw emotional intensity.
STUPID AMERICAN HISTORY: TALES OF STUPIDITY, STRANGENESS, AND MYTHCONCEPTIONS blends humor and American history ideas for history buffs, covering myths, legends and quotes that are famous--and misleading.
Strangeness and spin in fundamental physics; proceedings.
Part 3 describes how, despite reading and rereading the book, its full significance continued to elude him until, in an unexpected moment of "startling strangeness," he suddenly understood the meaning of Lonergan's statement that human knowing is fundamentally not similar to looking.
Deceptively simple in its formal rigor, the film focuses on timbres of voices and shapes of faces, investing without reservation in the extended, non-soundbite take in which ail the strangeness, pathos, tang, and perspicacity of demotic speech unfolds.
But I got over all the strangeness because I'd never seen mom happier.
The book tells how he deals with the strangeness of Britain with its hostile streets and obsession with celebrity.
SPARKS - Exotic Creatures Of The Deep Sparks have lost none of the strangeness, sparkle and scale which made This Town Ain't Big Enough unforgettable.
This collection of fourteen essays, several by eminent Kafka scholars, explores the thematic treatment of strangeness and its production as a textual effect in a number of Franz Kafka's short stories and novels.