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The screening of Straightlaced - How Gender's Got Us All Tied Up was funded by the Los Angeles Department of Mental Health.
While today's Haji Firuz is a comic figure, he derives from a more straightlaced tradition, according to Persian literature.
As the story spins out into an international drug smuggling drama rooted in a very Irish locality, Don Cheadle adds some Hollywood class as the straightlaced, fish-out-of-water FBI agent Wendell Everett.
The storyline is a new lease of life for Jo who has previously been seen as straightlaced and bossy.
Straightlaced begins by showing how teens want desperately to fit in with their peers and that teenagers' clothings especially defines who they are and whether they fit in within a specific group.
We'll be treated to the sight of the usually straightlaced Ray Quinn making his debut as a rapper and it's been promised that one of the names will be taking on the might of Lady Gaga.
In Manhattan, months after the merger, JLL's straightlaced environment began to grate against some Staubach brokers, who said they were accustomed to a more entrepreneurial office place.
What we're trying to do with Straightlaced is show that these kids were bullied because they didn't fit a conventional idea of how boys are supposed to be.
The Barclays bank in Kenya has for a long time been associated with "reputation as a straightlaced bank, steeped in the English traditions where banks represent the dull and dour aspects of corporations" while having no room or patience with the individual low income earner.
And Gillian Hardie's straightlaced Elaine should not be able to get away with some of the filth she eventually finds herself turned on to, but produces a comic turn surely worthy of Royal Court legend.
Even so, according to straightlaced Rabbi Efraim Luft, head of the Committee For Jewish Music, his recordings are "not kosher" and are damaging the younger generation.
Can you imagine old, straightlaced Blanche having her dirty linen aired?
But they also reveal a world so different from our own in style: that paradoxically straightlaced but voluptuous world of America in the 50's.
What is it about the Angels, led by the straightlaced Mike Scioscia and Bill Stoneman and with a clubhouse of quality people, that they're involved in more weekly scraps than the Olympic Auditorium in its hay day?
As well, Brad Pitt's libidinous Tyler Durden is a fantasy, joining the story only after the straightlaced, "formula"-applying Norton expresses his wish to die in a mid-air crash.