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We heard going into the story that General Yeager can be a hard interview due to his straight-shooting personality; he doesn't hold back.
FOR lovers of straight-shooting flinty chardonnay from the great French region of Burgundy, Morrisons has the Petit Chablis on sale at pounds 5.
In the final pages, the straight-shooting Montgomery lapses into calls for more multidisciplinary research, funding for research on the new media, and thinking about how we might use new media to promote political and civic engagement.
On the one hand, Fujioka's background as a straight-shooting city CAO who balanced political pressures with good financial sense bodes well for the future of accountability at the top.
sales, and American automakers rethinking current structuring, the need for clear guidance about simple, straight-shooting automaking is critical.
Making News: A Straight-Shooting Guide to Media Relations by David Henderson iUniverse Star 2006, 226 pages
O'Malley is no mug but it counts against the straight-shooting Aussie that he missed the cut in last year's Scottish Open and was 19 shots behind the winner when 71st in 2004.
No hype, no coddling, no schmoozing the big shots--just straight-shooting stuff today's cops need to know.
Straight-shooting New York Times critic Alexander Woollcott--later immortalized as the character Sheridan Whiteside in The Man Who Came to Dinner--starts a heated feud with producers the Shubert Brothers by panning their new play, Taking Chances.
This sounds like a wonderfully hoary and straight-shooting concept but Keck shows that it's something short of that.
One trouble with pop in general is that it is a magnet for straight-shooting true-hearts, guys who devoutly, earnestly work ceaselessly for the betterment of mankind and of course their personal salvation.
Thank you for the great straight-shooting suggestions in the August 2002 editor's note: "Four Tips That May Keep You In Office.
This straight-shooting Southern gentleman not only attended the conference to network for future deals, he was also looking for an African American supplier of office furniture to complete the decor of his new office.
Earlier this year, Jun Masumoto, a gruff and straight-shooting director of the welfare policy division of Japan's largest labor organization, was busy organizing sit-down protests in the heart of Tokyo's Kasumigaseki central government district.