straight ticket

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a ballot cast by a voter who votes for all the candidates of one party

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Hawk overcame a strong straight ticket voting effort by Democrats for her victory.
Straight tickets account for as much as 30 percent of the vote in some Texas counties.
Voting is increasingly, top to bottom, straight ticket in Texas.
The tone set by Free Starers, tea partiers and their elected Speaker O'Brien reportedly led many voters to vote for a straight ticket of Democratic candidates for the
Used to be close to a straight ticket Republican until the Tea Partiers entered the picture.
Smith also thought the state Senate probably would remain Democratic, although Republicans could win back the House" which was affected largely by straight ticket voting in 2006 and there is no straight ticket voting in 2008.
In 2010, about 31,000 Democrats voted straight ticket, compared with about 15,500 Republicans.
Darker precincts represent higher proportions of ballots cast straight ticket for Democrats.
In comparing Election Day voters and early voters both are equally as likely to cast straight ticket ballots, Haag's report found.
He agrees with others about White's potential effect on Republicans who might otherwise vote a straight ticket, but ask him if there's a way to measure it, and he admits, "There is - afterwards.
Democrats have tried to do away with the ability to vote a straight ticket, which has always been seen as benefiting Republicans.
Some will argue that a particular political party has certain values, so if you vote a straight ticket, you will be voting for those values, but I disagree.
That's why the latest GOP effort to return to the days of straight tickets --HB 143--is so transparent.
The five-team group, which includes the UAE, is engaged in a heated competition for two straight tickets to South Africa, hosts of the World Cup Finals in the summer of next year.