straight ticket

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a ballot cast by a voter who votes for all the candidates of one party

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MILLBURY - After hitting a small bump in the road on Saturday with a 5-3 loss to Millbury, the Auburn 15-year-old Senior League All-Star team got its quest for a third straight state title back on track with an 11-0, mercy-rule win over Millbury to clinch the District 5 championship and punch its third straight ticket to the state tournament.
5 Douglas 68-56 at home Saturday and earned their 28th straight ticket to the OSAA Class 3A girls basketball tournament.
The three heats of the Monkey Standard look good for Sahara Grand, Straight Ticket and the prolific Ceephil, while Westmead Tessa can take a one-off 592m open.
I think the bill's author got here on the basis of straight ticket voting," Dutton said.
The tone set by Free Starers, tea partiers and their elected Speaker O'Brien reportedly led many voters to vote for a straight ticket of Democratic candidates for the
And in both places, Republican straight ticket voting fell a bit in 2008, rose in 2012 and fell again this year; GOP voters accounted for a bigger share in both places in 2004 than they did this year.
Smith also thought the state Senate probably would remain Democratic, although Republicans could win back the House" which was affected largely by straight ticket voting in 2006 and there is no straight ticket voting in 2008.
In response, Abbott tweeted: "This happens when voting straight ticket & then click for Trump.
Given the current sentiment of voters, the drumbeat of news of corruption at the highest levels of State government, the disastrous Trump candidacy and a poor outlook for Republican straight ticket voting - Democrats won't need as much money as their counterparts to be competitive," Beatty wrote.
Its sponsors argued that people would still have been able to vote a straight ticket but would have had to do so one candidate at a time.
Democrats have tried to do away with the ability to vote a straight ticket, which has always been seen as benefiting Republicans.
And in the return of The Straight Ticket segment, we'll bring you a dramatization of what could happen in Cleveland from the perspective of two delegates.
Some will argue that a particular political party has certain values, so if you vote a straight ticket, you will be voting for those values, but I disagree.
Rick Perry on several issues, including voter ID legislation, said making such a big decision without finding out more from states that have eliminated straight ticket voting recently, would be premature.