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a razor with a straight cutting edge enclosed in a case that forms a handle when the razor is opened for use

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The head is shaved with a straight razor, using a disposable blade.
Like the straight razor that Hynes uses as the collection's central metaphor, his repeated images of debauchery, as used to reflect the aimless hedonism of his narrator's actions, seem eager to cut as close to the grain as possible in an effort to reveal an essential, dark truth beneath a scatted existence.
The gadget includes scissors, a corkscrew, a cigar cutter, pens, a mirror, a straight razor, a cheese fork and a butter knife, in addition to a .
Tonight Espirito De Funk night - Mink, Middlesbrough FREE/PS3; Luke Sital-Singh - The Green Room, Stockton PS7 Tomorrow Country music feat No Regrets -Ranch House Club, Hutton Rudby; Straight Razor Angels and Katie Coleman - Mink, Middlesbrough FREE/PS3; Elkie Brooks, ARC, Stockton SOLD OUT Sunday Gaz Coombes and Spring Offensive -The Georgian Theatre, Stockton PS15/PS12.
That night, a mouth- breathing psycho with a straight razor (Philippe Nahon, the immensely disturbing presence from Gaspar Noe's ``I Stand Alone'') breaks in, chops up all of Alex's relatives and drives off into the dark countryside with her, chained, in his panel truck.
It had all these incredible stories--there was stuff about the bitches chasing their men down the street, swinging a straight razor at their butts.
Tomorrow night the venue welcomes live music from rockers STRAIGHT RAZOR ANGELS and rising solo acoustic star KATIE COLEMAN.
There are amazing, haunting scenes in the film - from sickening shots of close-quarters combat to one where French actress Stephane Audran, pretending to be a mad inmate, dances through an insane asylum cutting throats of unsuspecting Germans with a straight razor.
The Shield'' star Benito Martinez, and ``The Division'' and ``American Family'' star Yancey Arias were among the celebs who were pampered with straight razor (yipes) shaves, massages, facials and manicures.
I watched a snail crawl along the edge of a straight razor.
Sure, as a volunteer at Pioneer Day in Chatsworth Park South, he didn't mind lathering up visitors with a soapy brush and then scraping their faces clean with a tongue depressor symbolizing an old-style straight razor.
I cut this guy with a straight razor when I was 14.
In 1988,'' he said, ``I sent a letter to all the licensing boards in the United States, and I recommended they discontinue the use of the straight razor,'' citing concerns about spread of hepatitis and AIDS.
This barber shop still uses straight razor to shave your neck
In the age of the Apple Watch, it's become trendy to rebel against technology, going back to basics by embracing things like vinyl records, film cameras, and straight razors.