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an attack of machine-gun fire or cannon fire from a low flying airplane

attack with machine guns or cannon fire from a low-flying plane

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Mitch boasts an extensive gaming background and is excited to bring his knowledge and experience to Strafe Gaming Lounge.
The Strafe experience isn't limited to individual walk-in game play; group discounts, tournaments, private parties, lock-ins, contests , board games, movies, Wi-Fi and internet surfing are all part of the fun.
Obviously, my pre-attack checks had been non-existent, and I was not proud of overlooking such a basic part of our strafe attack.
Diving through North Korean flak to strafe a row of wooden crates, his guns suddenly set off a tremendous explosion.
See the ancient one strafe the entertainment capital of the world with his tortured logic.
Following a two-target strafe pass, he heard a loud pop from the nose of the aircraft followed immediately by the loss of all pitot-static gauges and illumination of the gun unsafe master caution light.
The SpaceOrb 360 applies breakthrough technology to create the ultimate 3D game experience-players can pitch, yaw, strafe and jump in any combination simultaneously with just a touch of the finger or twist of the SpaceOrb 360's PowerSensor(R) ball.
On his fourth pass and first strafe attack in the Leach Lake Training Area, he heard a loud pop and felt a large thump underneath the aircraft.
This must have proved a tempting target to the Japanese fighters assigned to strafe the airfield - they couldn't miss the planes packed in neat rows.
Currently, on a 7,000-acre zone called the Northern Impact Area, artillery gunners pound targets, planes strafe the land, and tanks fire nonexplosive slugs.
Pacific Bell has been given permission to strafe callers who dial 411 to get local phone numbers.
QUOTE: ``I told everyone to lay down because if they see you, they are going to strafe you and there is nowhere to go.
The four-man gang used their AKs to strafe the the car before fleeing empty-handed.