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the dried stalks and leaves of a field crop (especially corn) used as animal fodder after the grain has been harvested

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Several hours later, the flow of millions of gallons of water moving down the waterway will create white-water conditions at Ralph Stover State Park, according to park officials.
Corn stover management is an area of growing concern for growers in high-yielding areas of the Corn Belt, they add.
Qureshi and his research partners applied these results to another investigation that evaluated the effectiveness of producing butanol from corn stover in an SSFR process that used vacuum technology--not gas stripping--to simultaneously recover butanol during fermentation.
The board intends to elect Stover to the chairman role immediately after the meeting.
At least some stover must be plowed into the soil to avoid erosion and return nutrients to the earth.
The findings, if confirmed by future studies, could be a setback for potential cellulosic ethanol producers who previously had viewed stover as a good feedstock.
In recent years, the mechanical properties of corn stover stalks have been investigated (Lee et al.
I think musical acts are great," says Collin Stover.
Stover also received the Best Abstract Award recognizing her application and integration of Orem concepts into her presentation.
This philosophy has helped Sabrina Stover take local business BidSync from a small operation to a thriving leader in the e-procurement industry.
Stover was a senior at Advanced Technologies Academy (A-Tech), a computer-based magnet school.
When corn stover is processed to make cellulosic ethanol, everything is ground down and blended together.
As a prospecting tool, Stover receives online referrals and utilizes video on her website to introduce herself and the firm and to educate prospects about retirement and estate planning.
A celebration of life party will be held in Portland later this month in memory of Ron Stover, one of the stars of the 1958 Rose Bowl game for the University of Oregon football team.
While Russell Stover Candies continues to lead the category, Whitman's had the strongest performance among the brands, with a 30.