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Synonyms for storm-tossed

pounded or hit repeatedly by storms or adversities

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In her music wild and unpredictable choral cries, swoops and storm-tossed fragments of melody piled upon one another to thrilling effect.
WATER BUNCH OF IDIOTS Swimmers in storm-tossed Cellardyke harbour yesterday
ENGLAND lost two fly-halves in a day of storm-tossed drama as the champions were crushed.
Hotshot Savannah lawyer Kenneth Branagh is sideswiped by lust in a typically manipulative and melodramatic thriller from writer John Grisham, given a sodden, storm-tossed sheen by director Robert Altman.
Liturgy, poetry, and traditional arts in all their forms are among the refuges a deep cultural conservatism affords men and women storm-tossed by the 21st-century.
It shows a lone figure looking out over storm-tossed waters.
political stage with the dedication of his presidential library on Thursday, an event that will offer Americans a fresh look at his eight storm-tossed years in the White House.
The Society would not come back until 1814, thanks to Pius VII, who restored it and called its members "skilled rowers for the storm-tossed barque of Peter.
Coastguard rescuers swam or waded through storm-tossed seas to link ropes to one of the boats and rescue 11 crewmen, a coastguard spokesman said.
When the MV Carrier ran aground at Llanddulas on April 3, a dramatic overnight rescue operation was carried out to airlift its crew from the storm-tossed deck.
Many of those reporters have long since abandoned an increasingly storm-tossed ship, heading for the lifeboats of PR armed with redundancy cheques and new iPads.
Summary: Take a journey into the eerie world of the insects, or sail away on a storm-tossed ship.
The cliff top house was once a home, a haven 'bove the storm-tossed foam, Now the cold winds quest and play among the debris and decay.
When a storm-tossed ship is in danger of breaking up, her father and brother race to the ship in their own small boat, but Anne sends her Newfoundland dog, Hairy Man, into the waves towards the ship.