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The data is passed to the British Trust for Ornithology and provides information in understanding the survival rates, population sizes and movement of storm petrels.
Although it will resemble one of Skokholm's herringbone walls, it will contain over 100 storm petrel nest boxes with access hatches.
At one point, the bird was watched as it flew alongside a Wilson's Storm Petrel low over the sea, allowing a convenient comparison of size and shape to be made.
Observers walked slowly around the stone walls, playing a tape recording of a Wedge-rumped storm petrel calling from the nest (Whittington et al.
This bird's flight action was very unlike that of the commoner European storm petrel, which has a shorter tail and shorter, rounder wings, and a more bat-like fluttery flight action.
The roles of parent and chick in determining feeding rates in Leach's Storm Petrels.
Vicky Taylor, who is volunteering to count the birds, said: "We play the sound of a singing storm petrel to a likely nest site and if there's a bird in there it often calls back.
Promote the colonisation of the Shiant Isles by European storm petrel and Manx shearwater, for example, through the use of call playback;
Their distinctive white rumps and pitter-patter, tiptoe walking behavior on the ocean's surface with their little webbed feet as they feed on tiny particulate matter immediately identified them as one of our most abundant seabirds - the Wilson's storm petrel.
Seabird 2000 hopes to improve our knowledge of seabird species that are very difficult to monitor, including the British storm petrel and Leach's petrel.
Gales on Saturday brought Leach's Petrels close inshore along north facing coasts, with a late Storm Petrel also off Rhos.
Leach's petrels are different from our resident storm petrel - they are larger, have a different flight, almost bat-like in character, and have a pale marking on the upper wing.