storm lantern

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an oil lamp with a glass chimney and perforated metal lid to protect the flame from high winds

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Pictured left and above are Light Storm Lanterns, while the Fuschia Giant Vase is adding a splash of colour, right
We're right out of electric blankets, but we got a reeeal good selection of storm lanterns and duvets from Europe at just $39.
FOR THAT COSY SUPPER The Light Storm lantern offers a romantic way to share dinner by candlelight
Blue glass candle, pounds 1, and green glass storm lantern, pounds 4, both Tesco.
Stockholm oak coffee table, pounds 140, Ikea; blue glass jug, pounds 19, The Conran Shop; blue glass storm lantern, from pounds 5, Marks & Spencer.
For extra light on the table use a flat-based lantern or a glass storm lantern.
Candles make for lovely outside lighting, but even the gentlest British breeze with have them guttering and going out, so have plenty of storm lanterns to pop them in.