storm lamp

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an oil lamp with a glass chimney and perforated metal lid to protect the flame from high winds

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It was pitch black,"said her dad, "and we just had a storm lamp with us in the boat.
Use a deep glass dish that is a few inches wider in diameter than the storm lamp to allow enough space to arrange your flowers.
The safest way to use candles outdoors is to secure large candles into storm lamps dotted around the patio.
Around the dark ornate and stained wood-panelled walls, kerosene storm lamps hang, some lit and adding their fumes into the thick cloud of scented smoke.
USE funky garden candle holders indoors too - Au Naturale currently has a wonderful range of New England style storm lamps that look simply magnificent as bedside lamps or as table centres.
Au Naturale has a wonderful range of New England-style storm lamps that look simply magnificent as bedside lamps or as table centres.
In her home, the colour scheme continues out on to the terrace, where black and red Japanese-style storm lamps provide light for entertaining.
SHORE THING Seashells, storm lamps, sunshine yellow and aquatic blues and greens all bring some Miami magic.
Use a smart candelabrum to build the drama or try storm lamps to change mood.
We found these spun metal storm lamps perfect for garage illumination.
Instead, use blue glass, starfish dishes, storm lamps, shells and baskets.
WAXWORKS We dotted candle-filled storm lamps around the room for atmosphere.