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a heavy dark cloud presaging rain or a storm

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A new study has found that increasing pollution in the Far East is altering the concentration and behaviour of storm clouds over the Pacific Ocean, which could result in more rapid melting of the polar icecaps.
A similar issue limits the impact of Thinking About Not Thinking, though the sculpture itself, an odd twelve-legged table draped with a dark swell of carved gray-painted foam--variously suggesting entrails, a storm cloud, or a mass of extruded petrochemical sludge--does provide a compelling focal point.
In an experiment carried out by Dyn-O-Mat, 4,000kg of the small flakes were dropped from an aeroplane onto a 1,600-metre-long cumulus storm cloud, hanging off the east coast of Florida.
Because the charge in the top half of a storm cloud is positive, the lightning that favors sprites shows up as a positive current in NLDN data.
Maria The Storm Cloud, co-commissioned by On the Boards, New York City's Dance Theater Workshop, and Houston's Diverseworks, opens at On the Boards December 3 to 6 and then tours twelve cities.
As the rising water condensed to ice within the plume, it formed a storm cloud that stretched to 35 kilometres in altitude.
Hillman was at the window, face like a storm cloud and her mouth like a seam.
In the latest experiment, military aircraft scattered the powder through a storm cloud 1,600 yards long and more than 4,000 yards deep.
Saturn's winds eat into the left edge of the storm cloud, forming the wedge, or arrowhead shape, of the storm center.
In an experiment, 4,000kg of the powder was scattered on a huge storm cloud, making it virtually disappear.
JIMMEDIA took this striking picture of two boats at Thurstaston, as storm clouds headed across West Kirby.
The pop heartthrob's painting, entitled Calvary, features a cross against a backdrop of storm clouds.
It was matched by a picture of ominous storm clouds in South Dakota, US, that won the nature category for Australian James Smart.
8DA followed YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Viaduct 9 Czech 10 Clove 11 Updates 12 Eli 13 Tidemark 16 Horrific 17 Cox 19 Cockier 21 Gunge 22 Radii 23 Enlists DOWN: 1 Evacuee 2 Palomino 3 Rune 4 Academic 5 Tent 6 Chasm 8 Tour de force 13 Terrific 14 Richness 15 Expense 18 Ochre 20 Coda 21 Gulp QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Storm clouds 8 Sew 9 Imp 11 America 12 Error 13 Lie 14 Ego 15 Injured 17 Arc 19 Iced 21 Rode 23 Idea 25 Soya 27 Not 29 Rehouse 31 Add 34 Paw 36 Dread 37 Outcome 38 Yam 39 Led 40 Wooden spoon DOWN: 1 Semi 2 Twee 3 Reigned 4 Clam up 5 Obese 6 Dire 7 Smog 8 Salsa 10 Proud 16 Die 18 Cry 20 Can 22 Oar 24 Desktop 25 Shady 26 Cocoon 28 Towed 30 Ended 32 Draw 33 Demo 34 Polo 35 Amen
Through the ingest of lightning and storm balloon data, our project aims to increase our ability to map water vapor and heat associated with condensation of water in hurricane storm clouds in the core of the storm.