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the central area or place of lowest barometric pressure within a storm

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2007) sampled at storm center are also included for each TC storm intercept.
The bug, discovered by University of Ulm student Michael Lehn, was thought only to affect zipped or compressed files at first, but the Internet Storm Center said any file arriving on a target machine can be used.
The Internet Storm Center said bluntly "use a browser other then MS Internet Explorer until the current vulnerabilities in MSIE are patched.
The method to determine which tropical cyclones qualified as having been officially observed in Alabama consisted of plotting the 6-hour interval storm center positions recorded in the best tracks database, plotting the lines that connected the storm center positions (i.
The narrative recounts the public affairs dealings with the small nation of Korea while it was the storm center of world controversies; it illustrates a rhetoric constantly on call, serving both as weapon and shield.
Pyland and Brown, set up in a command post they called "The Storm Center," faced problems from the very start.
For more information about storm preparation and generator safety, please visit NSTAR's Storm Center at www.
McCrary Training and Storm Center, the new research project will test and evaluate a 250 kilowatt/1 megawatt-hour Tesla Powerpack lithium-ion industrial energy storage system over a two-year period.
Georgia Power, the largest subsidiary of Southern Company (NYSE: SO), has launched a new outage notification option to its online Outage & Storm Center at www.
Tropical force-winds extended more than 300 kilometers from the storm center.
features briefings on attack techniques from incident handlers and experts from the SANS Internet Storm Center, as well as more than 40 courses, including penetration testing, hacker exploits and security management, www.
If a PC is hijacked, SANS Internet Storm Center recommends completely erasing the hard drive and reinstalling the computer's operating system.
North of the arrowhead, the winds blow more slowly, so the storm center outruns the winds just above it.
According to the CTO of SANS' Internet Storm Center and SEC503 instructor Dr.
Georgia Power, a subsidiary of Southern Company, has launched a new interactive Outage Map on its online Storm Center at www.