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He ran into the storeroom and brought out a gaudily painted harmonica, sat down on a bench, and spreading his fat legs apart began to play like a whole band.
They hoped that it would continue on down the well and fairly held their breath as the sound approached the door to the storeroom.
A few steps brought them undiscovered to the doorway of the storeroom where lay the body of Fosh-bal-soj.
At the door of Fosh-bal-soj's storeroom they halted to listen.
The first day they remained in hiding, eating only the dried food that Bradley had brought with him from the temple storeroom, and the next night they set out again up the river, continuing steadily on until almost dawn, when they came to low hills where the river wound through a gorge--it was little more than rivulet now, the water clear and cold and filled with fish similar to brook trout though much larger.
At Thuvia's suggestion two of the released prisoners bore the body of the dead thern upon their shoulders with us as we continued our journey toward the storeroom, which we reached without further mishap.
She ran to the children, clutched an arm of each child, bundled them into the room, and carefully closed the door of her storeroom of plenty.
At least we may take the tablets from the walls, though the pillars are too heavy for us to handle; but there should be great storerooms filled with gold--gold that we can carry away upon our backs with ease.
The prospects were bad at present, for truckmen who worked in the storerooms said that these were piled up to the ceilings, so that the firm could not have found room for another week's output of cans.
From it a corridor leads to the pits of the palace, where there are storerooms containing food and drink.
Summary: Islamabad [Pakistan], Jan 2 (ANI): Several important documents were burnt after a fire erupted in the storeroom of Pakistan's Ministry of Law and Justice building, which also housed a project office of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), on Tuesday.
The store's employees said that the incident had taken place on the night between Friday and Saturday when Ali had gone into the storeroom for some work after the closure of the store.
Summary: Originally a fortress, then a palace and even a storeroom, the Louvre has played many roles in history
Contract Awarded for Replace locks & resetting old drawers, remove old funiture to storeroom and move roller cupboards and screens from storeroom to Atterbury House, 27 Wale Street and 9 Dorp Street
Hundreds of people were caught on video leaving the packed shopping centre after the blaze in the storeroom of a jewellery store.