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Technician Rasool, dispenser Shamshad Ahmad and storekeeper Naeem Khalid were awarded forfeiture of five years service.
MINGORA -- District Health Officer (DHO) Swat Dr Saeed Ali Khan suspended Storekeeper and class four employee of Matta hospital when they were caught red handed selling hospital medicines on Monday.
THE explosion at Grayson's repairing works, Wapping, was today investigated by the deputy city coroner (Mr A G Inglis) in resuming the inquest on three victims of the explosion: William Hearne (56), assistant storekeeper, of 66 Kenmare Road, Sefton Park; James Simpson (41), boilermakers' labourer, of 42 Robertson Street, Toxteth Park, and Alfred Charles Henry Holloway (37), assistant storekeeper, 5 Hemer Terrace, Bootle.
Dubai: A storekeeper will spend three years behind bars for strangling his wife while he was under the influence of liquor after suspecting that she had cheated on him.
Investigations also revealed that other accomplices were involved in the theft, including an SMC storekeeper who helped the suspects steal things from the hospital, reports our sister paper Akhbar Al Khaleej.
These are among the last batches [of candles]," said storekeeper Jocel Agpayan, pointing to a pile of candles in her store.
Najmaddin Salih Musa Bishara, a Sudanese national, was working as a warehouse storekeeper.
The storekeeper has been reported missing and is believed to have perished.
The Lipsey's/Ruger Bearcat Storekeeper is the first major modification of the Bearcat in more than a half century.
LSSN Nichole Johnson, a storekeeper serving in Truman's S-8 division, said LSC McIntosh motivates her and the entire division.
In a recession, people get short of money so could use crime as a way of getting ahead Bill Davies, 73, retired storekeeper, Acklam When I was a kid my bike was stolen; I was only about 11 or 12.
Storekeeper John Emmerson went to Quebec City in 1863, in the midst of a Civil War induced monetary shortage in Madawaska, to get $500 in silver.
Storekeeper Jack Wright picks up the marshal's gun and shoots one of the gang - only for gang leader Bob Dennis to swear revenge.