stored program

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a program that is stored in the memory of the computer that executes it

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Stored Programs with stacked diagnostic areas: Use GET STACKED DIAGNOSTICS as a new tool to create and clear diagnostics needed to investigate issues within stored programs.
Martin Group and Toledo Telephone Company have initiated some of the most intensive acceptance testing procedures performed on a switching product since the late 1970's when Stored Program Control switches were introduced to the market.
Chip Engines' Adaptive Computing Engine (ACE) architecture combines the clock efficiency and flexibility of stored program microprocessors, the parallelism and hardware resources of field programmable gate arrays (FPGA) and the speed and density of an ASIC.
Lesson 4 explores modern switching technologies such as tone signaling, electronic switching, and stored program control.
The PVS comes with the company's Windows-based Rheovision software, which eliminates the need to reset test parameters through the use of stored programs and powerful control capabilities, according to the literature.
Two critical concepts for future computing evolved from ENIAC: stored programs and a programming tool called an "if statement" that allowed computers to choose between different outcomes based on different inputs.
GreenDisk erases previously stored programs, slaps a new label over the software manufacturer's old one, and retails the disks through major computer stores.
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